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Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about us, or how we provide our services?  Some answers you may find here, if not, please contact us with your specific questions > 

 01  Why should I engage an independent contractor?

Lots of great reasons, depending on your circumstances.  Some of the most common include:  To provide a professional service or talent that does not exist in the organization or is needed only for a period of time.  A shortcut to knowledge, unique insight, and experience.  To analyze, diagnose, or provide strategy help.  To validate or re-direct an assumption or approach. Just the need to fill a role on a short term basis.




 02  What's the difference between Consulting vs. Contracting?

Often, they are thought of as interchangeable, although it is generally accepted that the role of consulting is to evaluate a clients needs and provide expert advise on strategy or direction.  While the contractor role is generally to do both evaluation and perform the specific tasks that the client needs.  In any case, neither are employees of the client, but rather hired on to perform specific tasks for a period of time, and both are officially classified as "Independent Contractors".




 03  How do I engage in your services?

Very simple - Just contact us to have a brief discussion about what your needs are.  We will give you a honest, quick assessment if we can help, or not help, or suggest an alternative source.  A Scope Of Work is defined, along with an estimated timeline that includes specific services we are contracted to deliver. Compensation is agreed upon and an engagement start date is set.  We do the work and you pay us.




 04  How much does it cost?

Compensation for services provided varies from project to project, based on a number of factors, including:  type of service, length of service, talent/experience required, etc.   We also listen to your budget needs (and limitations) and try to make it work out.  Just as every client need is unique, we are ready to provide custom services to meet your needs and budget.   Weighing short term cost vs. long term benefits, often clients also use the justification of "what does it cost not to do it?".




 05  Do you guarantee your work?

As part of the mutual evaluation of us and the client in the process of establishing and engagement, we very carefully define the Scope Of Work, and document exactly what your expectations are, so there should be no surprises.  During the engagement, we insist on regular review sessions to agree on status, and collaborate on any potential re-direction as needed.  Project milestones and defined results are documented and celebrated. 

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